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Patients Guide

MAVI TOURS - Medical Tourism

  • Talk to the surgeon to assess if he is the right person to do the job having the required knowledge, experience, and expertise.

  • Share photos of your scalp with the surgeon to assess if you are the right candidate for hair transplant and to determine the adequacy of your donor area and the number of grafts that can be done.

  • Decide which procedure you may prefer DHI or EFU.

  • Inform the Surgeon about your health, prior surgeries, medications you are using, or if you have any allergies.

  • Prior to the procedure stop using blood thinners, Vitamin B and E, and anti-inflammatory medication.

  • If interested, let us know at least 2 weeks in advance to set up the appointment.

  • Briefing about the procedure by the Surgeon and answering any questions you may have.

  • Carefully read and sign the consent form.

  • Photos/video will be taken before the procedure.

  • Wear fron button shirts only.

  • Checking your vital signs and carrying out blood work.

  • Shaving of the head.

  • Sedation and local anesthesia is given for numbness of the scalp.

  • Carry out the procedure.

  • Bandage the donor area and apply antibiotic cream.

  • Medications are given for infections, allergies, and edema.

  • A day after or with one day gap of the procedure the checkup will be done for any signs of infections or inflammation and the bandage will be removed and wash the scalp.

  • The Surgeon will give written instructions on how to take care of your scalp going forward.

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