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Dental Implants

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The loss of a tooth due to injury or disease can lead to rapid bone loss, changes in chewing patterns, and impaired speech, causing discomfort. Dental implants offer a solution by replacing the lost tooth, enhancing appearance, confidence, smile, and overall quality of life.

Components of a Dental Implant:

  • The dental implant consists of three main components: the dental implant body, dental implant abutment, and an abutment fixation screw.

  • The dental implant body is surgically inserted into the jawbone, serving as a replacement for the tooth's root.

  • The dental implant abutment is attached to the implant body using an abutment fixation screw. It extends through the gums into the mouth to provide support for the attached artificial teeth.

Treatment Process:

  • The patient typically undergoes two clinic visits for this treatment.

  • The first visit involves the implant surgery to insert the implant into the jawbone.

  • The second visit, approximately three months later, is for the final implant procedures, including the attachment of artificial teeth.

Types of Implants:

Straumann Implant: A reputable brand known for its high-quality dental implants. Straumann implants are designed to provide durability and stability for long-term success.

Neodent Implant: Neodent implants are another option known for their reliability and efficiency. They are designed to integrate well with the jawbone for optimal function.

Screw-Retained Zirconia Implant Crown: This type of implant crown is secured using screws, offering a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution. Zirconia is a strong and biocompatible material often used in dental restorations.

Dental implant procedures play a crucial role in restoring oral function and aesthetics. Patients can enjoy the benefits of a natural-looking and functioning tooth with improved confidence and overall well-being. It's essential to consult with a qualified dental professional to determine the most suitable implant type based on individual needs and considerations.

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