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Liposuction in Turkey

This is a medical treatment which involves surgery to remove the excess or unwanted fat from the body and its specific areas to bring the body to its original form keeping in view the height, weight and looks. Key features to be considered while determining the surgical procedure to be undertaken in any country including Turkey.

  1. Medical Tourism: Turkey has become one of the popular destination for medical treatment including Liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries. The country offers reasonableness of the prices, experienced and well-trained Surgeons, and support medical staff. Apart from the medical treatment the patients have the opportunity to explore the historic city of Istanbul.

  2. Selection of Surgeon: Just like in any other developed country Turkey has many qualified and Experience Cosmetic Surgeons. Do your due diligence before selecting a Surgeon to check his or her qualifications, Experience, and proficiency of English to undertake the surgical procedure you want to undergo including Liposuction.

  3. Cost Factor: One of the major factors to consider is the total cost of the procedure you want to have. This includes the cost of the procedure, airfare, hotel stay and other related costs. This will help you to decide whether it makes sense to travel to Turkey for treatment.

  4. After Care: Turkey offers a variety of top hospitals and clinics using cutting edge technology. Please do the proper research and talk to the surgeon to ensure that the hospital and clinics and the standards and comply with all the requirements which are generally accepted.

  5. Language: The national language of Turkey is Turkish. Before you travel talk to doctor and other related staff to ensure they are proficient in English or your mother tongue to ensure that there is no miscommunication or misunderstanding.

  6. Hotel/Accommodation: Consult with your surgeon how long you have to stay in the Istanbul both pre and post op to ensure proper recovery. Ensure that the place you are staying is in the vicinity of the hospital in case of an emergency or to check with the hotels what nursing facilities they have.

  7. Pre and Post Op Consultation: Check that the Surgeon you have selected provide you with pre and post operation consultation in a timely and manner to your satisfaction. Please check with your surgeon the risks involved before undergoing the procedure to make a knowledgeable decision.

  8. Medical laws and Regulations in Turkey: Before undergoing the procedure ensure that you understand your legal rights under the laws and regulations of Turkey and see whether they have any insurance cover for medical malpractice.



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